World Social Forum - Arriving in Nairobi

If this is Monday we must be in Africa. You can tell immediately by the good humoured customs officers. The man in front of us is asking for a six months visa, claiming to be a tourist.

"Six months, as a tourist? In Kenya? C'mon - a tourist only stays for two weeks." The man behind the desks chuckles and stamps the Visa, "oh well, come on in..."

Africa! The much maligned, misunderstood, mis-represented land. I look forward to having the one-dimensional image of a starving child covered in flies as the everything of Africa demolished. I know there's more - much much more.

After hours of odd diversions and seemingly unnecessary complications that involve about seven different people, we finally end up at our "homestay", a large two story concrete house with a friendly family that welcomes us in. It turns out we're just a short walk from the Sports Complex where the World Social Forum will be held.