World Social Forum 2006

My 2nd major stop while conceiving Fierce Light was a journey to the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela.

Here I was struck by the immense possibility that is to be found when people come together. It was not so much the concrete plans that were made at this confluence of three hundred thousand individuals committed to social change, to the belief (the slogan of the WSF) that "another world is possible" - it's more the intangible process of pheromone exchange that happens as the hive buzzes, as the people circulate amongst each other, as the currents of thought and energy and soul power ebb and flow. As we realize that we are not alone. That in fact, we are far from alone. That there are millions and millions of people, extensions of these 300,000, most of who represent organizations and networks that exponentially increase their magnitude - that perhaps the dominant powers of greed and corruption are in fact the minority, and that the emperor has no clothes. This is the possibility I felt. This was the wisdom of the people. This was inter being in action. This is where it became very, very clear to me that there is in fact hope in this world of tears.

That if the industrial growth society does in fact implode, which it seems to be hell bent on doing, there will be something new to rise in it's stead, waiting in the wings, waiting with wings, ready to rise like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. That in fact, there are millions out there who aren't waiting around at all - they are living this new reality, with bells on. They are building power. Not waiting around for power to be handed over to them. And not waiting around until the power can be wrested away from the power mongers. And not waiting around until the thing collapses.

Nope. They're doing it, right now, as we speak. And that is a tremendously hopeful thing.