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Network of Spiritual Progressives on Freedom Flotilla Massacre


Tikkun Magazine and the Network of Spiritual Progressives' Statement on Killings on the High Seas:

We regret and deplore the killings which took place as Israeli troops, in defiance of international law, boarded and assaulted, wounded many and killed some  of the participants in a flotilla seeking to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza (itself a morally outrageous policy) to bring humanitarian aid. We ask all people of peace to dedicate at least fifteen minutes today (Memorial day in the US)  to silent memorial for those peace activists who have been killed (and we call upon all synagogues around the world to say Kaddish for those people at their Shabbat services this coming weekend),  and for prayer for the speedy recovery of all those wounded in this attack (mostly peace activists, but also the Israeli soldiers who boarded the boats with violence). We invite all peace-loving people to attend a public memorial for those who died in this assault in Lafayette Park opposite the White House on Sunday, June 13, at 11 a.m-2 p.m., sponsored by Tikkun, the Network of Spiritual Progressives, and many other groups, and which will include a larger consideration of U.S. policies. Memorial prayers and prayers for healing will be said at 1 p.m. 

The Struggle for Human Rights in Oaxaca Continues

This just came in on the Justice for Brad mailing list....the ongoing struggle in Oaxaca Continues:


May 11, 2010

Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca


We will NOT look for you among the dead,

We will continue to walk together, now with your intercession,

until the complete liberation of your people, our people”




 Few phrases are more powerful, more freeing, more transformative than those two simple words - Thank You.  Try using these words with someone you are having a conflict with.  Whether you speak it to yourself or to the person, it will have a powerful effect.


I was recently in a conflict with a dear friend.  One of the speakers from the Living in the Fire of Change conference, the wonderful Mary Tidlun of the Tidlun Foundation,  gave me a Mala - a set of prayer beads - and explained that they were “gratitude beads”, hand made and given to her as a gesture of thanks from a group of women in Kathmandu who had been recipients of her activist work.  She in turn passed them on to me, with the suggestion - “do a round of thank-you’s on these beads for all your friend has given you, send thanks for the gifts you are receiving in this conflict, for what it is teaching your soul.”


And so I did.  The effect was tremendously powerful. It helped me move from a place of contraction, to a place of expansion.  From a place of the armoured heart, to a place of appreciation and deep compassion.   


EVOLVE LOVE: In Community

 Over the next few months I'm going to be posting some of the research that emerges in the course of creating Evolve Love: The Meaning Is Life, part three of the FIerce Light Trilogy. This morning I found this, on the website for Tamera, an inspiring ecovillage in Portugal. Thanks to Julia Butterfly Hill for telling about Tamera. I look forward to filming there one day!


Five Key Thoughts

by Dieter Duhm from the Book "Future without War"

I will once again begin with an image. An organism is infected by an illness and shows signs of illness in many places. This organism is the earth, humanity, every community and every individual body. A wise doctor does not treat every individual place, but the entire organism. Applied to the global situation of our times, this means that a wise concept for peace not only deals with peace work in special areas of suffering, but with the healing of the global organism of the human being and the earth.

These are the five key thoughts:

1. The entire earth and all of humanity constitute one unified organism, i.e. a holistic system, a holon, which reacts as a whole whenever a corresponding force, information, or healing power is input.