Fierce Light U.S. Premiere

Just had the U.S. Premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival! It was a sold out screening - actually sold out about a week in advance.   A great crowd, and moving reception.  After the screening, a 90 year old (or so) man came up to me and said it was the best film he had ever seen - and he's seen a lot of films in his life!  But what was particularily moving for me, was sitting with Christy Will, Brad Wills sister, and Betsy, his cousin.  The story of journalist Brad Will's  murder is the beginning of Fierce Light, and was the catlyst for my journey.  Christy loved the film, which meant so much to me - it was affirmation that I did justice to Brad's story.   She is a wonderful woman.  After the screening we all went out for dinner,  and Christy told of the journey her family has been on, seeking justice for Brad.  She said that while many activists come to activism from a place of anger - perhaps from a dysfunctional family - Brad's family is very harmonious, and loving, and in fact Brad came to activism from a place of real love.  i always felt that about Brad - you never had to be cool, you never had to look the part, he didn't care.  He always had a big open heart, and was quick to embrace strangers. His legacy and his message - never give up - will never die.


Kay, it's that time of year when we all are thinking about how we're supposed to be making a bunch of stinking New Years resolutions that we're never going to keep and that are just going to make us feel bad about ourselves for the next year.   

Well my first New Years Evolution is to stop feeling bad about myself for any of my shortcomings - just let that go.   But first I have to do a very un-male thing and accept that I actually have a shortcoming or two.  Let me have a peek....yikes!  I do.  I gots some. Damn.  So much for that mask of rigid perfection I thought I had to wear.  

Hey - its actually kind of relaxing to drop that.  Let's you breathe a little easier.  So- I herby accept my weak spots, I hereby see my blind spots, I hereby love my broken bits.  I  accept them, love them, and love myself.   It's okay male ego - you aren't perfect.  You got spots.  You got dots.  You got some work to do.

So my next New Years Evolution is to shine a light into my shadows, light a torch into my unconscious,  and see all of me, the dark and the light, the good, the bad and the ugly, and allow myself the room to grow.   I hereby renew my fierce commitment to evolution.   Spiritual evolution.   





As the days begin to grow longer again, and the light grows brighter, it's an excellent time to reflect, renew and reclaim our Selves. Time to let go of all that is not True, and bring forward all that is.

Awakening is not a distant dream, something that will one day bless us, like a lightening bolt from heaven. It is the very next choice you make. It is the moment in which you choose Love - expansion - over contraction. Only Love is real - the rest is illusion. Only light is real. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Hate is simply the absence of Love.

Within each of us, lies an inexhaustible reservoir of Love. It can never be destroyed, it can never be permanently stained - it is in fact, unstainable. In a flash, you can come to, wake up, right now! It doesn't have to be a monumental shazam! Awakening can be as small as a burst of joy at a childs smile, true appreciation of a mouthful of food, an honest sense of compassion at the plight of another being half way around the world.

Why not try it, right now. Pick a fear - any fear - and answer me this: is that fear based in this very moment, or does it live in the future? If it's a future fear - even five minutes from now - release it. Let it go. Take a deep breath, and let it go. If its an immediate fear, something you're in and need to face, then face it, embrace it, and look for the teaching within. For there is nothing that happens to us - not one thing - that is not an offering. It all comes down to perspective. Can you learn to feel gratitude for even that which entangles you? If you can, that gratitude itself will help to cut the bonds that hold you down.

New Years Revolution


It's solstice time, the darkest time of the year, a time of transition, of death and rebirth.  The Sufi's have a beautiful phrase, "die before you die", and now is the time to do that!  Die to all that is not beauty, all that is not truly you, all that is dysfunction, habit, stale energy stuffing up you're Being.  Let it go!

Our true essence is like a sculpture buried in rock, it's always there, we just need to remove all that it is not.  Chip away the unessential, to the heart of who we are.

This time of transition, from the old year into the new, from the short dark days, to the beginning of the longer days, is an opportunity to clear away those ancient grooves that are choking our growth.  We all have them, if we just look a little closer.  Even those of us who have spent our whole life in spiritual practice, in trying to become self aware, have got stuff to release.   Old stuff. Hidden stuff.  Subtle stuff perhaps, but stuff nonetheless.

This has definitely been a transition time for me, a time of deep reflection,and deep release.   And I think I'm getting somewhere, actually letting go of some unconscious shadow gunk that was tripping me up.

Last night I had a the kind of dream that would be a field day for a Jungian Therapist.